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Hemp+ Coffee

Almost everyone is intrigued by the mystery of how we infuse our gourmet coffee. The truth is, we’ve worked hard to keep the process very simple and natural. It actually took us five years to develop the patent and infusion method that avoids spoiling our coffee with any chemicals, additives, or excessive handling.

Like all cannabinoids, cannabidiol, (Hemp) is fat soluble meaning that is will dissolve in, and bind to fats and oils that it is exposed to. You know that slight oil slick that appears on a cup of black coffee that sits out for a few hours? High-quality Arabica coffee like we use actually contains around 15% fat in the beans which is available for Hemp to bind to.

When coffee is roasted, these fats cook into oils which are excreted to the surface of the beans. This oil can be seen on some medium and almost all dark roasts. The darker the roast, the oiler the bean. When coffee beans first come out of the rooster, these oils that have been expressed to the surface are in a chemically active state which then stabilizes as the coffee beans “rest” for two-to-four days after roasting. During this chemically active period, we introduce our hemp extract in very controlled conditions that allow for the extract and the coffee oil to interact and bind.

Full spectrum Hemp extract is very viscous and sticky, so the most important part of our infusion process is creating the right environmental conditions in which the oil and extract can fully integrate with one another. The oils need to cure and can be reabsorbed into the beans in the right conditions. Without the right treatment, “infused” coffee beans would just have a coating of the sticky extract on the surface that would be very bad for your prized coffee grinder!

Our process preserves the fantastic flavor profile of our gourmet coffee and the integrity of the coffee oil which is extracted from the coffee grounds during brewing, making for an excellent delivery method for your body to absorb the Hemp.

Our gourmet coffee will not get you high. “The whole plant Hemp extract that we infuse into our coffee is hemp derived, and does not contain any trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis is not in our product. We have ZERO percent THC in our coffee.

Our hemp is fully compliant with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, which allows for the growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp legally in the United States, the hemp that we use is grown in accordance with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

Full-spectrum hemp extract means that all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that were in the hemp are retained in our extract, and in your coffee, with NO THC.

There are a wide array of health benefits tied to many of the terpenes found in hemp extract, and significant research is being done into the potential wellness benefits of the cannabinoids themselves. Also, we are strong proponents of “what scientist refer to as an “entourage effect” that magnifies the benefits of the plant’s individual components – so that the impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Besides all of the benefits of full spectrum oil, we also choose to work with full-spectrum extractions, often referred to as “raw” or “crude” extracts, because they require the least amount of processing and the oil is in its most natural state.

Our coffees test with “ZERO” amounts of THC and every test we’ve ever conducted on a brewed cup has tested fully negative for any THC. Our extracts contain “NO” trace amounts of THC, legally we can not guarantee drinking significant amounts of coffee will not cause anyone to fail a drug test.

Our coffee has the same amount of caffeine as a “normal” cup of good coffee, which is about 95-105 milligrams per 8 oz cup. That being said, the interplay between the Hemp and the caffeine is pretty unique.

Caffeine is water-soluble, meaning that when you brew your coffee, the caffeine in the beans dissolves into the water in your cup. The caffeine in the water is then absorbed very quickly by your body, which is why it only takes the caffeine from a cup of coffee about 20 minutes to kick in. The thing is, caffeine is also oil-soluble, meaning that when we add the Hemp oil to the coffee, some of the caffeine in the beans can absorb directly into the Hemp oil. So, when you drink our gourmet coffee, it can take your body a little longer to metabolize the oils you consume compared to absorbing the other compounds in the coffee which can mean a bit of delayed onset of some of the caffeine in your coffee.

The combination of absorbing most of the caffeine rapidly and then metabolizing the rest slowly can lead to a more balanced caffeine experience because of the coffee perks you up just as quickly but lasts a little longer – and people tend to avoid that “crash” that arrives in the early afternoon.

There are dozens of ways you can take Hemp, so really the big questions are, why did we choose to put Hemp into coffee in the first place? We infuse Hemp into coffee because we find that the two components are perfectly synergistic.

The goal in developing coffee was never just about creating another means of getting a daily dose of Hemp, but to craft a truly unique concoction in which the benefits of both Hemp and coffee come together to enhance everything about the experience of our product.

Coffee is arguably the world’s most beloved commodity, with over 2.25 billion cups of coffee being consumed worldwide every day! As great as it is though, coffee isn’t perfect. It is highly acidic which can cause stomach issues for many consumers. Also, caffeine is a wonderful compound overall, but it can cause restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, nausea, and increased heart rate – the combined effects commonly referred to as the “coffee jitters.”

Essentially, caffeine creates some of the physical symptoms of stress in our bodies. Some of that “stress” is good and is what gives caffeine it’s desirable properties and effects, but it doesn’t actually take too much caffeine to create an imbalance in the body.

Modern research indicates that the primary function of the human endocannabinoid system (the system in which our body that interacts with cannabinoids) is neuromodulation, meaning that our endocannabinoid system is there to keep our bodies in balance.

Hemp is often misconstrued as a “downer” because the relaxed state it can produce can make you feel tired. But what’s actually happening is that this stimulation of our endocannabinoid systems is modulating the neurological stresses our bodies experience daily, which can create a relaxed state.

However, when Hemp is combined with caffeine, the experience is neither sleep nor stress, but rather a state of elevated balance. The coffee gives you the energy, alertness, and focus you desire while the Hemp smoothes out the anxiety, jitters, and stomach issues that drinking coffee can cause.

Our coffee is 100% Arabica coffee. Our micro lot specialty grade coffee is 90+ points on the coffee review rating. We have no defects, no propylene, no glycol, and no oxidation. Our coffee has zero (0%) THC. We have multiple 3rd party laboratory test results to back up our claim.

In order to preserve the delicious coffee flavors of our whole beans, we’ve worked hard to infuse the beans in the most natural way possible. During the roast, coffee beans (up to 15% fat) express oils to the surface, and we infuse these oils shortly after the roast while they’re most volatile, but not hot enough to degrade the quality of Hemp extract. The whole beans cure with the Hemp extract and no additives are needed that would negatively affect the taste! This gentle process preserves intricate & subtle flavors to delivery a perfectly balanced dose of hemp in every cup.